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Last month, a OnePlus device carrying the model number A3010 passed through the CNCA, the product regulator of China.
A new OnePlus device with the model number A3010 has been registered by the China Compulsory Certification, a mandatory certification test required for any product to be sold in the Chinese market.
27, 1997--GaSonics International (NASDAQ:GSNX) today announced that it has made available its A3010 photoresist removal chamber on the company's production-proven Performance Enhancement Platform (PEP).
With the new tool, the PEP 3010A, customers of standalone A3010 tools can migrate to a higher-productivity platform without any new process development.
The latest addition to our PEP product line, the PEP 3010A allows our A3010 customers to achieve higher throughput and lower cost of ownership in a user-friendly system-all with minimal risk.
OnePlus has not officially announced the One Plus 3T yet, but the device's model number A3010 has already (https://forums.