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Earlier in the day, Punjab AAP chief Bhagwant Mann resigned from the state president's post expressing his displeasure over Kejriwal issuing an apology to Majithia.
Some analysts attribute the loss to Kejriwal's style of confrontational politics, often taking on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and blaming the BJP-led government at the centre for creating hurdles for the AAP government.
Urging all the former AAP members to stake their claim, Mishra said the party was an amalgamation of the people who wanted to fight corruption and Kejriwal's lackeys, adding it is about time that all those who left should unite and make the AAP ' corruption- free and Kejriwal- free' for the betterment of the people.
He also claimed that when the AAP first came to power, a committee was set up to investigate the scam but it was later disbanded in 2015.
The shock waves that AAP received in Delhi may still not cause any fatal harm to it.
IC: The AAP government has been facing crisis within itself because of sex scandals, scams and corruption cases against its ministers or leaders caught embarrassment to the party.
Indeed, as Ashutosh points out, many thought had Kejriwal continued as CM of Delhi, AAP might have garnered enough seats in the Lok Sabha to play 'King-Maker' after the elections.
The AAP award is the most credible affirmation of my skills, said Mantolino.
The AAP joins the American College of Physicians in urging a review of marijuana's legal status.
While senior BJP leaders have over the past few days been at pains to emphasise that the Delhi elections should not be viewed as a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the fact is that the party had thrown every resource it had into the battle and had attacked Kejriwal and AAP in the sharpest terms possible.
Illmi is the party's spokesperson and a familiar face of AAP on TV, while Vishwas is contesting from Amethi against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.
Let us take the extremely cynical prediction of many commentators that AAP and its top leaders are going to fail.