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Illmi is the party's spokesperson and a familiar face of AAP on TV, while Vishwas is contesting from Amethi against Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi.
He further accused AAP ministers of indulging in corruption, and questioned why they were not dismissed.
AAP has also stood apart with its views and practices on three major features of a thriving democracy.
The AAP is more interested in its doctors getting paid for performing circumcisions than in protecting the bodily integrity and health of children.
For more information contact the Derwent AAP on 01207 218242, the Stanley AAP on 01207 218 926 and the Three Towns Partnership on 01388 761989.
To educate pediatricians and other health professionals, AAP has made available via its website, www.
Prashant Bhushan, who was earlier sacked from AAP for ' anti- party activities' along with Yogendra Yadav, said they and many others who had extensively worked for transparency and against corruption in the past would join hands again to expose ' AAP's lies' across states.
Both AAP and BSP are opposed to alliances and prefer to chart out their political future independently.
The AAP joins the American College of Physicians in urging a review of marijuana's legal status.
In order to better focus on the Delhi election, the AAP eschewed national politics in the second half of 2014, refusing to run in most state elections, and it limited its criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership.
While senior BJP leaders have over the past few days been at pains to emphasise that the Delhi elections should not be viewed as a referendum on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the fact is that the party had thrown every resource it had into the battle and had attacked Kejriwal and AAP in the sharpest terms possible.
AAP had accused the rival Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) of indulging in horse-trading in a bid to break it up and form a government.