American Association of University Professors

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American Association of University Professors

(AAUP), organization of college and university teachers. It was founded (1915) for the purpose of defending faculty rights, most notably academic freedomacademic freedom,
right of scholars to pursue research, to teach, and to publish without control or restraint from the institutions that employ them. It is a civil right that is enjoyed, at least in statute, by all citizens of democratic countries.
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 and tenure (see tenuretenure,
in education, a guarantee of the permanence of a college or university teacher's position, awarded upon successful completion of a probationary period, usually seven years.
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, in education). It also addresses the issues of college and university government and accreditation, professional ethics, the economic status of the profession, and the status of minorities and women in the academic profession.


See L. Joughin, Academic Freedom and Tenure: A Handbook of the AAUP (1969).

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An AAUP policy also states that teaching online should be considered in workload (Euben, 2003).
The AAUP has expressed its concerns about the Spellings Commission Report, stating: "[T]he final report neglected the role of the faculty, had a narrow economic focus, and viewed higher education as a single system rather than appreciating its institutional diversity.
42) In the 1915 Report, the AAUP began with the premise that "academic freedom was a necessary condition for a university's existence.
The organization would play a role similar to the one played by the AAUP in protecting freedom of speech in academic institutions.
Penelope Kaiserlian, director of the University of Virginia Press who takes over as AAUP president this year, made it clear in an interview that the idea of transformative publishing applied not just to technology but also to people: "We really are having to transform ourselves.
This paper utilizes the individual institutional level data upon which the published AAUP salary survey results are based to compute continuation rates for associate professors during the 1996-97 to 2001-2002 period.
The broad middle of Baptist life accepted neither of these two extremes, but was generally unfavorable to AAUP ideals.
In turn I don't see good reason why ALA can't state clearly (as the AAUP does) that librarians must "measure the urgency of other [ethical] obligations in light of their responsibilities to [an informed public] and to their institutions.
In 1913, the AAUP was formed, with one of its principal tasks being the "gradual formulation of general principles respecting the tenure of the professional office and the legitimate ground for dismissal of professors.
As a result of the AAUP's unwillingness to put professors in the classroom by calling an end to the strike, the Board has directed the University administration to suspend all further negotiations until the AAUP changes course and joins the University in our mission to educate," said Valvo.
When questioned by the media, Donna Euben, an AAUP attorney, questioned whether those conducting such criminal background checks would make distinctions between serious and minor offenses.