American Association of University Professors

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American Association of University Professors

(AAUP), organization of college and university teachers. It was founded (1915) for the purpose of defending faculty rights, most notably academic freedomacademic freedom,
right of scholars to pursue research, to teach, and to publish without control or restraint from the institutions that employ them. It is a civil right that is enjoyed, at least in statute, by all citizens of democratic countries.
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 and tenure (see tenuretenure,
in education, a guarantee of the permanence of a college or university teacher's position, awarded upon successful completion of a probationary period, usually seven years.
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, in education). It also addresses the issues of college and university government and accreditation, professional ethics, the economic status of the profession, and the status of minorities and women in the academic profession.


See L. Joughin, Academic Freedom and Tenure: A Handbook of the AAUP (1969).

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The AAUP is not actively organizing graduate students for the purposes of collective bargaining, nor is it exclusively working to advocate for graduate student issues.
Both before and after his AAUP Presidency, Ralph chaired, and was a long-term member of, the Association's most important policymaking committees.
1 Conflict of interest considerations require me to note here that I am a long-time member of the AAUP, who served on, and chaired, its committee on the Economic Status of the Profession.
Despite these efforts at cooperation, coalitions between the AAUP and the other two teachers' unions have proven very unstable, due to the divergent interests of the partners.
Though university presses are expressly separate entities from their parent institutions, in this time of transition and funding shortage, the AAUP suggests that the best collaborators may lie in home universities.
AAUP faculty gender equity indicators 2006: A report for the American Association of University Professors.
The difficult economic climate makes "few professors outside of the AAUP worried about the fate of academic freedom" (226).
Third, the AAUP provides insightful principles for the probationary period as well as academic freedom during that time.
By the second decade of the 20th century, internal NEA shifts de-emphasized the interests of those involved with higher education and the 1915 founding of the AAUP refocused some of higher education's attention away from the NEA.
According to the AAUP's own statements on academic freedom, the assignment of two or three texts in this context would have been the appropriate educational practice, although in this case the AAUP refused to concede even this point.
Lanyon was a member of several scientific and professional societies, including a senior member of IEEE, AAUP, APS, and Chapter President of Sigma Xi.
A law or policy establishing extradisciplinary standards, the AAUP contends, "would profoundly corrupt the academic integrity of universities.