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(Computing Technology Industry Association, Oakbrook Terrace, IL, Formerly ABCD:The Microcomputer Industry Association, it is a membership organization of resellers, distributors and manufacturers dedicated to business ethics and professionalism, founded in 1982. It sets voluntary guidelines and is involved with many issues including product returns, freight and warranty claims and price protection.

CompTIA is also well known for its certifications for computer professionals, all of which have a plus sign at the end of their names as outlined in the following list. See certification.

Short        Full Name orName         Field of Coverage

 A+           Service technician

 CDIA+        "Certified Document
                Imaging Architect"

 i-Net+       Internet skills

 Network+     Network support and

 Server+      Server architecture

 Linux+       Linux proficiency

 IT Project+  Project management

 e-Biz+       E-Business

 CTT+         "Certified
                Technical Trainer"

 Security+    Security specialist

 HTI+         "Home Technology
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They compared the outcome predicted by the ABCD score with the real outcome.
Harmesh Mal, chairman of the ABCD Partnership, said: "As an old school, this is a building which still means a lot to many people in this area and it is wonderful that we can bring it back into use."
Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is a partnership model that increases social capital by using the assets found within the community.
Modified parameter values were then used to generate 100 years of daily weather data with CLIGEN (version 5.111) for each emission scenario at scales of Cells A, C, AC, and ABCD. In addition, 100 years of baseline climate data were generated using the unmodified baseline parameter values to serve as the basis of comparison for other scenarios performed in this study.
And Wolverhampton City Council, in partnership with ABCD New Deal, will be spending around pounds 2.5million introducing traffic safety measures, environmental improvements and carriageway resurfacing.
The ABCD criteria for melanoma detection are: A for asymmetry, B for irregular borders, C for multiple colors, and D for a diameter greater than 6 mm.
When ABCD was tested in nearly 400 patients with suspected TIA it was highly predictive of early stroke, particularly with a score of five or more.
El grupo No Cambio recibio preexposicion activa (Prados, Redhead & Pearce, 1999) a los mismos puntos de referencia (ABCD) que definian la posicion de la plataforma durante el entrenamiento.
For crystals to grow as OHAp, all these corner positions (ABCD at both z = 1/4 and 3/4) must be occupied by [OH.sup.-] ions instead of water and [HPO.sub.4.sup.2-].
Look for the ABCD's: an Asymmetrical blemish, a blurred Border, Colors that are mixed, and a Diameter larger than a pencil eraser
Afternoon cable beckons for "ABCD," a collection of ethnic and cross-ethnic cliches posing as a study of cultural identity that doesn't cut it for ticket-buying auds.
To identify those men, there are certain delivery systems, like the New Jersey-based Adidas-run ABCD camp, one of the premier high school camps." In many instances, Hardy says, this is the very first airplane trip for a poor kid.