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(computer science)
A special function occurring in ALGOL, which yields the absolute value, or modulus, of its argument.


(mechanical engineering)

acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS)

A plastic used for piping in drainage systems, storm sewers, and underground electrical conduit.


(1) (Automatic Backup System) See backup software.

(2) (Anti-lock Braking System) The automatic takeover of a vehicle's brakes when skidding on the road is detected. In a skid, the immediate reaction by most people is to slam on the brakes, which makes the vehicle skid even faster. ABS pumps the brakes very quickly in a jackhammer-like motion even if the driver's foot is firmly pressed on the brake pedal. ABS was added to automobiles in the early 1970s, although it had been used on aircraft in the 1950s. ABS and similar skid-prevention systems were the first automated driving features in vehicles. See self-driving car.
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The samples were polished by Leica ultra cutter at -100[degrees]C to avoid the deformation of PC and ABS phase.
Introducing high-density compounds of ABS or nylon containing metal powders to replace lead and other "heavy" materials.
First shipments of the PCMCIA ABSplus, Desktop ABS and new line of CMS swap drives containing the new 4.
This knowledge, he says, might one day lead to a tougher ABS canoe with less rubber and perhaps a lower cost.
Demands for higher capacity portable mass storage solutions such as the 100GB Desktop ABS are on the rise.
Celogen RA semicarbazide for molded and extruded PP, ABS, HIPS, and PPO/PPE.
The Desktop ABS can also provide enough external storage to more than double a PC's life-cycle," said Ken Burke, president of CMS Peripherals.