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to provide AC-1 with fully managed land-based links between cable landing stations and points of presence in London and New York City.
We are in the unique and enviable position of being the only company with the network capabilities to supply the backhaul for AC-1 in both the U.
In a separate agreement with affiliates of Global Crossing, ION has acquired rights for multiple STM-1 connections over the AC-1 cable, which will serve as a portion of the ION transatlantic backbone.
AC-1 will commence operations in May, transmitting voice, high-speed data and video between the United States, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Germany.
As Teleglobe continues to pursue its aggressive global expansion strategy, the company will use AC-1 to enhance its network capabilities and to handle the demand that continues to grow for transatlantic capacity.
The wholly owned capacity purchased on AC-1 allows us to continue to offer our carrier, business and Internet customers the latest in a high quality, low cost transmission infrastructure between North America and Europe," said Paolo Guidi, president and CEO for Teleglobe Global Telecom Services.