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The Curie point of ferrite.
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An audio format, succeded by AC3.
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(Active Coding-2) Dolby's second digital audio coding technology based on an adaptive transform coding algorithm. Introduced in 1989, AC-2 reduced the storage capacity over AC-1. See AC-1 and AC-3.
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"We signed an extended reseller and partnership agreement with JDA Software Group Inc., ( about 10 months ago, which enables us to resell JDA supply chain software in Asia-Pacific through the AC2 group of companies.
Apps went directly from Apple's volume purchase program (VPP) to AC2. Unfortunately, as further discussed in this review, AC2 is plagued with issues: it is difficult and confusing to set up, requires multiple steps, and is prone to errors.
Table 5 summarized result for elemental analysis of AC2 and AC3.
The results obtained for the surface areas of the A[C.sub.s] are consistent with the previous statement, since they follow the order AC1 = 309 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC2 = 479 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC3 = 889 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC4 = 557 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC5 = 902 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC6 = 1715 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1].
Using the proposed algorithm, the TXOPs calculated for AC2 and AC3 in different data rates and packet sizes are shown in Table 4.
The company stated the 2020 notes were issued in non-registered private offerings in January 2013 and May 2014 and were subject to restrictions on transfer under the indenture governing the 2020 notes (the restricted notes) under CUSIP numbers 86723C AA6, 86723C AC2, U86660 AA2, and U86660 AB0.
Cada uma das areas cultivadas possuia 8 ha com as mesmas caracteristicas de solo e topografia, sendo AC1, AC2, AC3, AC4 e AC5, com 1, 2, 3, 4 e 5 anos de cultivo, respectivamente, e a area de referencia a mata nativa de Caatinga do entorno do projeto.
Among the veterans was Arthur Taylor, 94, who in 1940 was an AC2 wireless operator with 13 Squadron Lysanders in the RAF, attached to the Royal Artillery 61st Medium Regiment.
Precise timing and EOPs are two USNAVOBSY missions that are an integral part of the three pillars of the Information Dominance Strategy: Assured Command and Control (AC2), Battlespace Awareness and Integrated.
ac2 Solutions is a leading provider of next generation contact center optimization and supply chain management technology, which the company provides using proprietary forecasting, simulation, optimal scheduling, performance optimization and strategic planning technologies, offering customers a sustainable cost and service quality advantage.
Good route planning enhances airspace command and control (AC2).
The Arabian Gulf state of Qatar is already a shareholder in the German power firm having bought a AC2.4 billion (US$ 3.