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Where is the man that would not wealth acclaim? Who would not truckle for his sovereign's grace?
You were cock of your gang because others acclaimed you the real thing.
In his own day he was acclaimed as the greatest poet of all time, but as is usual in such cases his reputation very rapidly waned.
Ah, what a high and noble appreciation of Gentlewomanhood there must have been in Vanity Fair, when that revered and august being was invested, by the universal acclaim of the refined and educated portion of this empire, with the title of Premier Gentilhomme of his Kingdom.
Then of thir Session ended they bid cry With Trumpets regal sound the great result: Toward the four winds four speedy Cherubim Put to thir mouths the sounding Alchymie By Haralds voice explain'd: the hollow Abyss Heard farr and wide, and all the host of Hell With deafning shout, return'd them loud acclaim. Thence more at ease thir minds and somwhat rais'd By false presumptuous hope, the ranged powers Disband, and wandring, each his several way Pursues, as inclination or sad choice Leads him perplext, where he may likeliest find Truce to his restless thoughts, and entertain The irksome hours, till his great Chief return.
It had been given no more than eighteen words in the official catalogue, and here it was acclaimed as the wonder of wonders.
His guests rushed to possess him and acclaim him, but James Ward, suddenly looking out of the eyes of the early Teuton, saw the fair frail Twentieth Century girl he loved, and felt something snap in his brain.
The three functions (acclaims, attacks, and defenses) can be employed on two distinct topics, policy (issues) or character (personality).
Acclaim was essentially a Honda but some items were British-sourced and constructed, including the interior trim.
What general goals and ideas used more frequently as the basis for acclaims than attacks in the Lincoln-Douglas debates?
Three types of messages can foster the impression that a candidate is preferable to opponents: acclaims, attacks, and defenses.
Or, candidates may prefer to take the initiative (with acclaims and attacks) rather than respond to their opponents' attacks with defenses.