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'I aspire that your joint efforts in ACCU will protect and empower the international trade and at the same time contribute to improve regional and global security,' said Guedes, addressing the senior officials attending the ceremony.
ACCU Colors was designed to not only be revolutionary in nature but to assist retailers and users to market their products and increase sales.
Using a Personal Data Assistant (PDA) compatible with the palm OS operating system, the Maytag[R] Accu Trac[R] system communicates with the microprocessor controls on Maytag Commercial washers and dryers.
ACCU chief Muneharu Kusaba said at the ceremony that his organization hopes to take advantage of Nara's long experience in protecting cultural assets.
ACCU CHEM was founded in 1994 and is engaged in three business areas.
The AdvisorShares board of trustees approved the closings and subsequent liquidations of ACCU and HDGI.
The electrical performance of the ACCU series capacitors is shown in Figure 1.
21 December 2011 - Swiss Accu Holding AG (SWF:ACUN), the former battery producer which is currently repositioning its business, announced it had acquired local engineering company RCT Group.
Called the Accu Flow series, the new machines can continuously meter 3-4 g (0.1-0.14 oz)/sec with an accuracy of |+ or -~0.5%, Hi-Tec says.