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The book divides the discussion into a number of parts: "Mapping the Growth of the International Law of Foreign Investment in the Asia-Pacific Region" (Part I); "ACIA as a milestone in ASEAN History" (Part II); "The Substantive Regime of the ACIA" (Part III); "Access to Dispute Settlement Mechanisms" (Part IV); and "Emergence of an ASEAN External Investment Policy" (Part V).
They have boosted the development of horn, and have had a huge impact in China Acia and the Western world.
Coverage encompasses arbitral neglect and misapplication of interpretation rules, rectification, international regulation on foreign investment before the emergence of investment treaties, the bilateral treaties of ASEAN countries, and state commitments in the ACIA provisions.
The full achievement of services liberalization targets however will require yet another package.The ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA) meanwhile which became effective in 2012 is the main tool for investment liberalization protection facilitation and promotion in ASEAN.
As a member of Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN), Cambodia is a party to the Comprehensive Investment Agreement (ACIA), which protects foreign investment rights and properties.
The ACIA was completed at the behest of the Arctic Council, and included dozens of scientists and academics from Arctic Countries.
Senior American officials paid little attention to the Arctic Council until it issued an Arctic Climate Impact Assessment (ACIA) in 2004.
She is a member of ACIA (Atrato Association of Integrated Area Peasants); she also founded OBAPO (Choco Organization of Popular Barrios).
ACIA works with the Arizona Department of Insurance to market the state to potential captives, and also conducts its own programs to generate interest in the state, he said.
The results were expressed as {(total positively stained area) x (total mean intensity [1-256 levels per pixel] of the positive area)} / total cell area, in units referred to as acquired computerized image analysis (ACIA) scores [see Supplemental Material, "Computerized Image Analysis for Detection of Immunostaining," and Supplemental Material, Figure 1 (doi: 10.1289/ehp.1002086)].