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The time of largest abundance or variety of a fossil taxon; the taxon may be either general or local.
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(company, jargon)
/ak'mee/ 1. A Company that Makes Everything. The canonical imaginary business. Possibly also derived from the word "acme" meaning "highest point".

2. A program for MS-DOS.

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"The eSolar system addresses obstacles that have previously plagued solar installations and presents a viable, cost-effective alternative that can scale quickly to meet India's growing energy needs," said Manoj Upadhyay, Chairman and CEO of the ACME Group.
As part of the agreement, eSolar names ACME, a leader in the field of energy, environmental and telecommunications infrastructure solutions, as a master licensee of its modular, scalable technology and grants the company the exclusive right to represent eSolar in India.
It gave Acme some fresh impetus and they worked their socks off to try to force the equaliser.
As part of the initial planning process, Kuttner engineers examined all aspects of the Acme cupola operation, such as the scrap properties, required melt rates, production schedule, iron chemistry and temperature requirements, fugitive emissions and cupola gas afterburner combustion stability.
"Over the past 18 months Acme United has successfully integrated the Clauss brand acquisition; re-launched its flagship Westcott brand of home, school and office products; and introduced the PhysiciansCare brand of first aid and safety products," notes Brian Olschan, Acme United's president and chief operating officer.
Acme spokesman Walt Rubel was quoted in a local report as saying that the stores were not meeting necessary sales to maintain a profit.
Nonferrous grades commonly handled by Acme Refining include all grades of red metals, aluminum clips, bales and dry chips, stainless clips and turnings and nickel alloys.
"For Acme Communications, the MetaSwitch VP3500 provides all the traditional Class 5 features and services that customers expect along with the compelling economics, and advanced converged voice and data applications of a packet network."
DiChiarro worked his way through the ranks at Acme, eventually earning a promotion to vice president.
Lauderdale, Florida--based ACME Realty Funding Inc.
So, if I sold ACME brand paint brushes and you sold ACME brand designer hats, we might both be able to use the same ACME trademark, because there would be little likelihood of confusion from our use of the mark on such different goods.
BUILDER readers report Acme Brick ranks number one for brand awareness in the brick category.