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The time of largest abundance or variety of a fossil taxon; the taxon may be either general or local.


(company, jargon)
/ak'mee/ 1. A Company that Makes Everything. The canonical imaginary business. Possibly also derived from the word "acme" meaning "highest point".

2. A program for MS-DOS.

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Caption: Acme Senior Vice President of Production Ed Watson (left) and Acme Plant Manager of the Year Tracy Bruton.
Acme is 14 months into a Chapter 11 bankruptcy that Chambers and other major creditors are seeking to convert to Chapter 7 liquidation and an auction of Allied Bank.
The Company plans to sign the Engineering, Procurement and Construction ( EPC ) and Operations and Maintenance (O&M ) agreements for the Project with Acme Cleantech Solutions Limited and ASEPL respectively.
ACME will be featuring a range of its high-quality LED entertainment lights, including: XP-15R Spot, CM-300ZS, CM150 and MTX-25B.
Aicent deployed the Acme Packet Net-Net Diameter director to support its global LTE roaming service and the Acme Packet Net-Net Session director to manage SIP interconnects for its IPX service.
The company said that the Acme Packet Community is designed to enable collaboration among Acme Packet customers, partners and employees, thereby facilitating peer-to-peer support from answering how-to questions to validating configuration concepts.
ZEB's equipment has been moved to Acme's Franklin production facility on North Main Street, making Acme the oldest and only remaining U.
As part of the agreement, eSolar names ACME, a leader in the field of energy, environmental and telecommunications infrastructure solutions, as a master licensee of its modular, scalable technology and grants the company the exclusive right to represent eSolar in India.
Two key personnel changes were made at Albertsons following the announcement of Supervalu's purchase of Acme.
Several of the locations are used as transfer stations, allowing Acme to serve its customers quickly while centralizing its processing operations and costs.
In 1954, both Acme breweries were sold to the Liebmann Breweries of NY.
After evaluating the leading next generation switch vendors and their solutions, there was really only one choice and that was MetaSwitch," said William Richey, CEO of Acme Communications, Inc.