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We will work with you to fulfill our dreams of providing better lives for the IPs,' Acse said in the Kinaray-a language.
(6) There are three possible approaches to calculation of the corrected standard errors: (1) bootstrapping; (2) the resampling method proposed by Krinsky and Robb (1986, 1990) [KR]; and (3) ACSE derived from standard asymptotic theory.
"The learning process the robots use here is similar to when two people meet in the street and need to get round each other," explains ACSE research fellow Dr Jonathan Aitken.
dissertations have been defended and several calls for proposals by the main research funding agencies such as the ACSE (Agence nationale pour l'egalite des chances et la cohesion sociale) and the ANR (Agence nationale de recherche) have sponsored research projects on migrations.
are used by multiple users, the system is not very efficient and in some cases will not have been switched on - which appears to have been teh acse with Thomson Reuters.
Said, The Effect of Echo on Voice Quality in VoIP Network, International Association for Science and Technology Development (IASTED) Journal, Calgary, Canada, Advances in Computer Science and Engineering (ACSE) 2009 Phuket, Thailand.
His mother Tracey Connelly , her boyfriend Steven Barker and his brother Jason Owen were all jailed over the acse.
the Nigerian Stock Exchange, NSE and the Abuja Commodities and Securities Exchange, ACSE) and Operators or consultants including issuing houses, stock brokers, registrars, trustees and portfolio/fund managers..
[17] Peter Beens: An Overview of Phidgets--Low Cost USB, Interfacing, Proceedings of 7th Annual ACSE Conference York University-November, 2005
A Cineart release of a Entre Chien & Loup presentation of an Entre Chien & Loup, Prime Time (Belgium)/Liaison Cinematographique (France) production, in association with CFWB, CNC, with participation of ACSE, RTBF, VAF.
"Tourism plays a large role in our county's economy, generating more than $175 million annually and supporting many of our members' financial livelihood, and now ACSE benefits those tourists who are members of Credit Union 24 participating credit unions by providing them with additional surcharge-free ATM and POS terminals while they visit our beautiful county."