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A subset of APT.

[Sammet 1969, p. 606].


To make suitable for a particular purpose or new requirements or conditions, by means of modifications or changes.
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Adapt specializes in Microsoft SharePoint and offers products & services for SharePoint and Office365 customers.
Our alliance with Adapt IT is a key strength as our presence grows in South Africa and across the African continent, said Rick Porter, Vice President Business Development at RSC.
About Adapt IP Ventures, LLC Adapt IP Ventures, based in Atlanta, GA, provides transaction advisory services designed to assist innovative firms understand and extract value from their patents.
The Adapt Eco case is available for all types of mobile handsets, including the most popular, Nokia, iPHONE 3G/S, HTC, Blackberry and many more.
Students expressed that communication was necessary to accept and value group member and to adapt to the challenge of the changing dynamics within the group.
In order to adapt it to a vehicle," says American Axle's Bellanti, "there has to be enough room around the steering gear, catalyst and front subframe to fit the requisite power take-offs and other driveline bits necessary for the transformation to all-wheel-drive.
According to the court, "[i]ncidental is not logically read, however, as an independent requirement, but as a description of those improvements that do not increase the value of a specified unit of property, prolong its useful life, or adapt it to a new use.
You also have to adapt to the harsh reality of doing business in Northern Ontario where we are losing a lot of our youth.
Regardless of the cause of change in the natural or business ecosystem, organisms and organizations must adapt or perish.
What they reveal are four key lessons for any company, at any point in its development: Start by identifying customer needs, gain a foothold in a specific market segment, adapt to changing market demands, and maintain your focus for the long haul.
Finally, there's a fill-in-the-blank template that explains exactly how you can adapt this headline to other businesses.
To improve, your body must recover from training and adapt to a higher level of training stress.