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IDC Japan forecasts that, although FTTH will definitely expand, ADSL will continue to keep more than a 50% share until 2009 as subscribers to narrowband services are likely to upgrade to ADSL.
Because the line-powered PG-FlexPlus Edge RAM extends the effective ADSL serving range to 30,000 feet, it complements CO-based DSLAMs and DLC-based remote DSLAMs that have an effective reach of approximately 12,000 feet.
These are the major hurdles facing manufacturers who might be interested in bundling an ADSL modem with a new PC.
basic functions of an ADSL Termination Unit (ATU-R)
Business-class ADSL is seeing substantial market growth as a cost-effective solution for high bandwidth applications such as Internet access or as a more cost-effective means for enterprise connectivity," said Tim Saunders, vice president of product management, ADTRAN Enterprise Networks Division.
DSL Xpert(TM) gives a complete and accurate analysis of ADSL product performance and interoperability without affecting data transfer between transceivers.
Netopia is pleased to team with Bluewin to provide a world-class Wi-Fi ADSL solution with the WLAN ADSL Starter Kit," said Jeff Porter, vice president of marketing at Netopia.
It establishes a new benchmark by exceeding industry-standard data rates and providing the most advanced solution in the market for ADSL routers aimed at next-generation broadband and home networking services.
Maximus enables a wide range of new services from 50 Mbps for short loops, to expansion of services to customers farther from the CO with Reach Extended ADSL (READSL).
The VisionNet200ER is an ADSL to Ethernet bridge/router modem based on Conexant's ADSL semiconductor system solution.
The combined speed and integration of the Centragate USB chip set allows equipment manufacturers to significantly lower system costs while offering an ADSL modem solution that meets the increasing consumer demand for higher speed, and plug-n-play DSL technology.