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Ericsson Microelectronics' PBM39705/3 single chip Analog Receive/Transmit Interface Circuit (ARTIC) provides the receiving and transmitting, echo cancellation and terminating functions needed for the implementation of an ADSL transceiver. The design ensures a compact board with minimum area, component count and wiring.
Infineon Technologies (NYSE:IFX)(FSE: IFX), San Jose, Calif., a provider of integrated circuits for advanced communications systems, has announced that its GEMINAX (Global Enhanced Multiport Integrated ADSL Transceiver) chipset has been selected by Occam Networks Inc.
The Integrated/Voice Data (IVD) version of the chipset is the only available ADSL transceiver chipset with a fully integrated Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) splitter and support for baseband voice processing.
One ADSL transceiver is located at the telephone exchange and one at the subscriber's premises.