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Once in a while, she would go out on a trip or retreat with her ADSP family.
[section] 1.338-5(a), and may or may not equal the ADSP.
I found friends in ADSP. We share same interests in movies, books and photography.
Old Target is treated as having sold its assets in a single transaction to New Target at the close of the acquisition date (but before the deemed liquidation) at the "aggregate deemed sales price" (ADSP).
Via the ADSP, Essence pinpoints opportunities for improvement in these areas and then engages primary care physicians in the network to address them via a host of web-based platform applications and tools.
The ADSP family of products is "platform agnostic" and can be built into customers' or third party software.
And, the Motorola ADSP delivers holistic network management, advanced troubleshooting and network assurance services to support high QoS for superior guest experience and back-of-house workforce enablement.
[sections] 1.338(h)(10)-1 (the "Modified ADSP') shall be allocated among the assets of the Company and the Subsidiaries pursuant to Treas.
She is a member of the ongoing Alzheimer Disease Genetics Consortium (ADGC) and the more recent Alzheimer Disease Sequencing Project (ADSP), overseeing and providing clinical expertise for research projects at the University of Miami's Hussman Institute for Human Genomics.
Equals the Aggregate Deemed Sales Price (ADSP) or amount realized: $41.2M