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see World War IWorld War I,
1914–18, also known as the Great War, conflict, chiefly in Europe, among most of the great Western powers. It was the largest war the world had yet seen.
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Expanding missions from an expeditionary to a permanent commitment significantly disrupts the AEF process.
The Big Five Car Hire Company Limited in Zambia has had a $575,000 AEF loan approved.
Once its concept solidified, Airmen were organized into 10 AEF "pairs" that deployed, ideally, for three months on 15-month cycles.
In the AEF rotational cycle, the squadrons are aligned with AEFs 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10 (fig.
AEF was formed to organize and support global environmental awareness, education, responsibility, and sustainability associated with the 2004 Olympiad in Athens and with future Olympic games.
This year, the producers of this Eagle TV show, the non-profit AEF (www.
Despite such problems, however, the British mechanics training program made an absolutely vital contribution to the development of the Air Service, AEF capability in France.
armed forces, and our air reserve component members serving on AEF rotations are an integral part of this team," General Morrow said.
Some of those receiving 2004 Awards follow: Award of Merit: Jim Shell of the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality; Distinguished Service Awards: Ed Davis, retired from the Arkansas Department of Economic Development, and Stan Jorgensen of ECCI, a past president of AEF, past chair of the AEF Air Quality Committee, and current chair of the AEF Government Affairs Committee; Certificate of Appreciation: Eugene Woodby, Great Lakes Chemical Corp.
Davis lays down the AEF cycle and graphically demonstrates the process of planning and execution for each AEF.
Now we have a force of 359,000 and more than 270,000 of those are in our AEF buckets.