Advanced Encryption Standard

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Advanced Encryption Standard

(cryptography, algorithm)
(AES) The NIST's replacement for the Data Encryption Standard (DES). The Rijndael /rayn-dahl/ symmetric block cipher, designed by Joan Daemen and Vincent Rijmen, was chosen by a NIST contest to be AES.

AES is Federal Information Processing Standard FIPS-197.

AES currently supports 128, 192 and 256-bit keys and encryption blocks, but may be extended in multiples of 32 bits.

Rijndael home page.
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The transmission can also be secured with AES 128 or 256 bit encryption that is critical when using the public internet as the transport," he says.
Full roaming, self-organization and self-healing functions along with frequency hopping spread spectrum make the air interface extremely resistant to interference and AES 128 encryption ensures the confidentiality of the data transfer.
RC4, Triple-DES, AES 128, AES 256, Salsa20 128 and Salsa20 256 are presented separately in Figure 2 for better visibility.
In addition, full AES 128 bit encryption enables encryption of network certificates on the client.
Applied Software Announces the Availability of FILEGARD, a Simple to Use, Affordable z/OS Batch Encryption Solution Utilizing Strong, Symmetric AES 128 Encryption with Support for RACF[R], ACF2 and Top Secret[R] and Lifecycle Key Management
Airflow: A controlled fan with a thermal sensor, with a high cooling capacity chassis Disk Encryption: automatically encrypt the data to level AES 128 bits Quota Management -- prevent misuse of disk space by allocating the right amount of space by user Supports NFS -- can be mapped from UNIX so that a wide range of users can access the drives Backup data held on attached USB hard drives via the USB ports Active Directory Support -- Simplify the management of each TeraStation PC Interlocking Power Management System -- for effortless power saving Connectivity: Dual Ethernet for port trunking Supports Apple Time Machine -- Backup multiple Mac computers.
Spitfire enterprise security platform is built-in with numerous ciphers of international standardizations including FIPS-197 AES 128, 192 and 256-bit, FIPS-46-3 3DES and DES, CAST5 and CAST6, IDEA, RC2, RC4, RC5 and RC6, Blowfish and Twofish, Serpent and Skipjack, as well as RSA.
Dmailer Backup offers password protection and AES 128 bit encryption, users no longer have to worry and can have two forms of backup for all files.
Utilizing the advanced AES 128 encryption algorithm, CIPURSE enables fast and secure transactions.
Couple that with the onboard enterprise grade security using AES 128 bit encryption and RSA 2048 bit authentication, and the CATxIP 1000 is the obvious solution for global computer management.
In addition to expanding the availability of the Synkro protocol, Freescale is adding AES 128 encryption to the RF-based control network platform.
For superior data security, BounceBack Enterprise Server software includes AES 128 and 256-bit encryption, enabling users to selectively secure and encrypt data.