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(Audio Engineering Society/European Broadcasting Union) A professional serial interface for transferring digital audio from CD and DVD players to amplifiers and TVs. AES/EBU is typically used to transmit PCM and Dolby Digital 5.1, but is not tied to any sampling rate or audio standard.

AES3 and AES3id - Short and Long Distances
AES3 uses 110 ohm shielded twisted pair (STP) cable with XLR connectors up to a distance of 100 meters. AES3id uses 75 ohm coaxial cable and BNC connectors for up to 1,000 meters. "Unbalanced" coax is better for long distances than "balanced" twisted pairs.

S/PDIF is the consumer version of AES/EBU and uses a lower signal voltage. They both support the same audio data with slight differences in the frame bits. Conversion between these interfaces must be handled with electronic circuits, not by adapting one connector to another. See S/PDIF.

AES3 uses shielded twisted pair cables while the AES3id variation shares the same cable as the consumer-oriented S/PDIF interface.
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AES3 describes a jitter tolerance test where the capability of a receiver to tolerate defined levels of interface jitter on its input is examined.
AES3, S/PDIF: In the consumer and professional audio field, digital audio typically is carried from point to point as a biphase coded signal, commonly referred to as AES3, AES/EBU, or S/PDIF.
For an AES3 signal, there are 32 bits per subframe and 64 bits perframe, giving a nominal 128 pulses perframe in the channel after biphase mark encoding is applied.
A summary of AES3 presentations and discussions will be available in Ref.
At the AES3 conference, there was significant discussion regarding the number of algorithms that should be included in the AES.
REALAY VRX4 (four-fader) and VRX8 (eight-fader) software can be used alone, or bundled with a Lawo OnAir 4 audio interface for professional mic, line, AES3 and RAVENNA / AES67 I/O.
The CS8405A encodes and transmits audio data according to the AES3, IEC60958, S/PDIF, or EIAJ CP1201 standards.
WM8803 and WM8802 are fully compatible with EIAJ CP1201, IEC60958/61937, S/PDIF and AES3 standards.
All parts are fully compatible with EIAJ CPI1201, IEC60958, SPDIF and AES3 standards.
Both the CS8416 and CS8406 are fully compatible with EIAJ CP1201, IEC60958, SPDIF and AES3 standards.
NV 4000 Series DA4055 Four-Channel Digital Audio Mixer with two synchronous AES audio I/Os, four independent layers of 4 x 1 AES audio mixing, and synchronous 4 x 4 AES3 sub-frame routing for glitch-free mixing.