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see American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial OrganizationsAmerican Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations
(AFL-CIO), a federation of autonomous labor unions in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Panama, and U.S.
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The tradition at the AFL-CIO is for the secretary-treasurer to move up to the top job when the president retires.
In Morocco, however, AFL-CIO email went on to suggest, workers and trade or labor organizations are denied basic rights, including the protection of "the right to organize and bargain collectively," which Morocco ratified as part of the International Labor Organization's Convention 98.An essential part of AFL-CIO's frustration with the Moroccan legislation on strike is the criminalization by the Moroccan law of some forms of workers' strike."The kingdom of Morocco has not yet abrogated Article 288 of the Criminal Code, which imposes grave penalties, including imprisonment, upon any person who attempts to his/her legal right to organize any form of industrial action.
Minchin identifies "roots of decline" in the midcentury heyday of union power, particularly in the AFL-CIO leadership's reluctance to forge ties to progressive social movements as well as its indifference to the task of organizing new members.
The report goes on to detail a 2012 labor complaint that the AFL-CIO and more than two dozen Honduran trade unions and civil organizations filed with the U.S.
In particular, the AFL-CIO study takes issue with the difference between minimum wage and CEO pay.
The AFL-CIO Equity Index Fund provides a low cost investing strategy with an annual investment management fee of just 1.5 basis points (0.015%).
US trade officials have up to six months to respond to the appeal, filed last week in Washington, said Jeff Vogt, deputy director of the AFL-CIO's international department.
Addressing the Council on Foreign Relations March 17, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said while he appreciates the administration's efforts to address concerns about the auto provisions in the Korea-U.S.
Kim Scipes's new book AFL-CIO's Secret War against Developing Country Workers documents the history of AFL-CIO leadership in supporting the US government policy of Empire in the developing world.
That's how we'll put opportunity within reach in the United States of America,' President Obama told the AFL-CIO, which is a federation of 57 national and international labour unions.
Tagged as the "important project to our nation's economic future," the project was endorsed in three resolutions unanimously passed by AFL-CIO convention delegates.