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(1) (Advanced Geospatial Intelligence) See DOD intelligence glossary.

(2) (Artificial General Intelligence) A machine intelligence that resembles that of a human being. AGI (strong AI, true AI) implies human versatility, while ordinary AI (weak AI, narrow AI) deals with single-task applications such as virtual assistants, chatbots and robotic vacuum cleaners.

Super AI
Super AI is pure science fiction, because a Super AI device knows that it exists. In other words, the equivalent of human consciousness, or, as a lot of people believe, complete nonsense.

One thing is certain. Future terminology for AI systems will be as subject to different opinions and descriptions as human psychology has been for centuries. See AI, OpenAI, singularity, Turing test and Mechanical Turk.

AI Will Reign Supreme
MIT professor Max Tegmark's best-selling book postulates an AI that far exceeds human intelligence and literally takes over.
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Farm Operators with Government Payments, by Adjusted Gross Income (AGI), by Production Specialty, 2007-2009.
Ground leaders can easily maximize the effect of aviation support by conducting proper AGI planning prior to and even during mission execution.
* The total AGI gap increased $188.3 billion, from $1,097.6 billion in 2004 to $1,285.9 billion in 2005.
"Qualified Stock" (long-term FMV up to 20% of AGI (The stock
If a claim is covered under section 62(a)(20), the litigation proceeds, minus the legal fees and costs--but not less than zero--are includible in the taxpayer's AGI. The statute does not distinguish between contingent or hourly legal fees, so all legal fees can be deducted if the claim is covered under this section.
But a new report in May from the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), showing that abortion totals, rates, and ratios all have gone down since 2000, will make it much harder for these politicians to get away with the re-telling of this tall tale.
(AGI) has unveiled new tool kit for software integrators who want to develop, deploy, and maintain stand-alone applications that incorporate AGI technology.
Toward that end, the paper presents data from three samples, two college and one community sample, describing the psychometric properties of the Attachment to God Inventory (AGI) as well as providing tests of the correspondence and compensation hypotheses.
District Court in Little Rock, said it sold AGI $1.64 million worth of small engines and motors between December 2000 and July 2001.
Alternative Gifts International (AGI) compiles an annual "shopping list" of reputable nonprofit agencies helping people and the planet.
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Negotiations over the film version of the life of slider Mild Dora are also reportedly underway between Peralta, his sometime co-producer Agi Orsi, and Aussie filmmaker/ Quiksilver power broker Harry Hodge.