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air-handling unit; packaged fan equipment

An assembly of air-conditioning components (such as fans, cooling coils, filters, humidifiers, and dampers) integrated into a self-contained package and often installed as a single unit, which is connected to system of metal ductwork that distributes the conditioned air.
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The range for CO is from -100 to 200 for the PI algorithm used to control supply air temperature, and is from 0 to 100 for all other PI algorithm used for the AHU at the test facility.
The above literature review indicates that there is a lack of a comprehensive validation study for AHU dynamic models that compares the entire system model predictions with real operation data.
Between the balance and design points, the AHU runs as described in Equation 4 below:
The test used to calibrate the model was test 9, which utilized the continuously-operating laundry room exhaust fan as the ventilation system, did not have mixing via the AHU, and had the bedroom doors closed and the transfer grills open.
In particular, the location of the AHU so as to draw the contaminant through the building is not an advantage relative to contaminant transport.
The AHU serving the studied UFAD system has a VFD installed and the VFD speed is modulated to maintain the discharge static pressure set point, which is reset based on the UFAD system floor plenum dampers' positions.
AHU 1 handles VAVBoxes 1, 2, 3, and 4; AHU2 handles VAVBoxes 5, 6, 7, and 8.
It is possible to calculate energy requirements of air heating Q by degree-days with sufficient accuracy [19] in case the AHU is continuously functioning:
Scope of work includes refurbishing existing AHU with new coils, fans, humidifiers, piping, dampers, controls etc, installing new rooftop AHU with glycol heat recovery system, and making plumbing modifications to the compressed air system and reverse osmosis/deionization water system.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- About AHU An AHU is a device used to filter, condition, and circulate air as part of an HVAC equipment.
The gas exchanges of the plants reduce carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen that can be used to ventilate the zone served by the central AHU.
This necessitated anti-microbial materials, duplication of components within each AHU to enable standby operation, and the ability to allow for future flexibility when changes in medical functions would be required.