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Greece: see AthosAthos
, Aktí
, or Akte
, easternmost of the three peninsulas of Khalkidhikí, c.130 sq mi (340 sq km), NE Greece, in Macedonia. The narrow, northern base of the peninsula was once cut by canal dug by the Persians during Xerxes' invasion of Greece
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The AKTI has worked with caucus members in several states to clarify or repeal various knife laws.
AKTI has also appointed Jennifer Gardner to marketing communications specialist.
The AKTI chairman also demanded that at least 10,000 police personnel be deployed in district South of Karachi, where the main markets of the city exist.
Customs' action threatened to classify assisted opening knives as illegal switchblades," said AKTI legislative chairman CJ Buck, CEO of Buck Knives.
We want to build on the work we've done and the reputation we have as the organization for those who work with or benefit from knives, and to support those who have questions about legal knife usage," said Jan Billeb, AKTI executive director.
The event, organised by the AKTI Project and Research centre, hopes to extend the centre's objective of raising environmental awareness and promoting sustainable development.
Which is why Xenia Loizidou and Michalis Loizides, the two directors of environmental research and project centre AKTI, recently demonstrated how to put your kitchen and garden waste to good use.
The committee is comprised of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation, the Union of Municipalities, the State General Laboratory, the state health services, the NGO AKTI and the Lifeguards Association.
One very serious issue… is that a 'good environmental scientist' is one who offers businesses a way to work around the laws," said chemical and environmental engineer, Michalis Loizides, representing conservationist group AKTI.
Le projet est mis en oeuvre par la societe britannique Aktis Ltd, qui a etabli des [beaucoup moins que]unites de planification strategique[beaucoup plus grand que] au sein du ministere tunisien de l'Interieur.
Pascin: Master of Line Aktis Gallery, London 6 October 2011-29 February www.