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The SNP Perth and Kinross councillor tweeted: "Sad to hear this morning that Scotland's oldest man, Perth and Kinross-based Alf Smith, of St Madoes, has passed away aged 111 years and 128 days.
"For many years Alf was sports officer at Cardiff's Maindy Stadium and he was popular with athletes of every calibre - whether they were leading internationals or lowly club joggers he treated them all the same.
Councillor Andy Ferguson said: "Alf Truckell made an impact on the lives of many local people and inspired them to take an interest in their surroundings.
Alf Trade is steady, he says, and the atmosphere at the coffee shop is a good one.
Peter reveals how Alf changed his life by dipping his hand so deep into his pocket.
Ray hasn't clarified when fans can expect to see him back on screen as Alf, the sole original character on the Summer Bay soap opera.
Alf Tupper - none of your health food nonsense He would start work at his welding shop at 5am, build a battleship before elevenses, sprint to the nearest chippy for lunch, eat double fish and chips (the original fast food), then run to an athletics meeting in the next county, probably over a mountain, while wearing diving boots and carrying a bag of scrap iron.
The machine table top of the ALF 5000 is designed to provide a better sealing from the sterile area, and improved accessibility for easy cleaning.
The love Alf had for his family can be seen in the guests he invited to a birthday party he held for Straussie, where his legendary cooking skills were used to the full.
Alf Italia has been in furniture making for the past 65 years.
"Alf pulled up in an FA car with his wife and I said, 'Good morning, Alf.
Wearing a pink dress, Lori Alf clacks around her home in Louis Vuitton kitten heels like any number of fashionable, affluent Boca Raton women.