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wet-alarm valve

A valve that (a) permits the flow of water into a wet-pipe sprinkler system, (b) prevents the reverse flow of water, and (c) incorporates provisions for actuating an alarm under specified flow conditions.
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The tissue samples were used to extract ALV using the TIANamp Virus DNA/RNA Kit (TianGen, China).
Selon le comite, les ALV ont leur place dans les casinos de bienfaisance bien reglementes plutot que dans les bars.
The ALV journal has appeared with encouraging regularity since its inception.
He has reiterated his full support for the government's intensive antidrug campaign, and encourages his fellow celebrities to do the same,' ALV said.
Such chickens are screened for known pathogens, including two exogenous avian retroviruses: reticuloendotheliosis virus and ALV (8).
Both young stars are also managed by ALV Talent circuit.
Many copies of partial or complete ALV genomes were located in chicken DNA (1).
NYSE: ALV and SSE: ALIV) - the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems - has started construction of a completely new factory building in Changchun that will replace the Company's existing plant in this city in Northern China.
The recently completed ALV Phase 2 facility includes 13,000 square meters (3.
At present, ALV is 13 hectares in size and experiencing strong customer demand due its optimal location.
NYSE: ALV )(STO: ALIV), the worldwide leader in automotive safety, has set May 6, 2008 as the date for the Annual General Meeting of Stockholders to be held in Chicago, IL, USA.
NYSE: ALV and SSE: ALIV) - the worldwide leader in automotive safety systems - today announced details for the issuance and sale of $400 million of guaranteed senior notes by Autoliv Inc's principal US operating subsidiary, Autoliv ASP Inc.