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program file manager
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PFM file

(Printer Font Metrics file) A Type 1 font file that contains the measurements of each character in the font. In a PC, both PFM and PFB files are required. The PFB files are located in the \PSFONTS folder, and the PFM files are in the \PSFONTS\PFM folder. Sometimes \PSFONTS is in the \WINDOWS folder. See Type 1 font, PFB file and PostScript fonts.


(Scientific Pure F**king Magic) What people might say about a technical subject that is either too complicated to explain, too difficult to explain or when they have no clue how it works in the first place.
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They found that a 98.6-kilobase duplication on chromosome 18 near the ALX4 gene, which plays an important role in mammalian eye development, was strongly associated with variation in blue eye color, primarily in Siberian Huskies but also in non-merle Australian Shepherds.
The association of SEPT9 with TAC1 methylation assay yielded a sensitivity of 73.1% and a specificity of 92.3% [86] while its association with TMEFF2 and ALX4 further increased both sensitivity (80.7%) and specificity (90.0%) [87].
This list includes ADHFE1, ALX4, CNRIP1, EID3, ELMO1, ESR1, FBN1, HLTF, LAMM, NEUROG1, NGFR, RARB, RXRG, RYR2, SDC2, SEPT9, SFRP2, SOCS3, SOX17, THBD, TMEFF2, UCHL1, and VIM genes.
Lef1 works in association with Bmps to activate Alx4 to signal mesenchymal condensation and is required to activate Fgf4 expression for the Wnt cascade [Hudson et al., 1998; Nie et al., 2006b].
To achieve this combination of technical sensitivity and specificity, we optimized qPCR assays selected from the tissue studies that used the HM technology [TUSC3, tumor suppressor candidate 3; TMEFF2; ZDHHC22, zinc finger, DHHC-type containing 22; VTN; FOXL2, forkhead box L2; NGFR; ALX4, aristaless-like homeobox 4; SIX6, SIX homeobox 6; EYA4; and SEPT9] (14).