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ambo, ambon

ambo, 1
1. In early Christian churches, a pulpit for reading or chanting the Gospels or the Epistles.
2. In contemporary Balkan or Greek churches, a large pulpit or reading desk.
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Ambi's current advertising includes radio spots in the top African-American markets and full-page ads in leading ethnic consumer publications.
M-AMBI values were set at Diversity 17.6, richness 30, with AMBI being 0 for the high values (Borja et al., 2007).
M-AMBI values were calculated (2) using the AMBI 5.0 software (and the November 2014 species list), with the "bad" reference condition set as the theoretical minimum (or maximum in the case of AMBI) for each metric that is integrated into the M-AMBI index [i.e., AMBI = 6, richness (S) = 0, and Shannon diversity (H') = 0], and the "high" reference condition corresponding to the highest (or lowest in case of AMBI) value within the dataset for each of the metrics (AMBI = 0.9, H' = 2.58, S = 17, which corresponded to the DA from the Island Beach site) (Sigovini et al.
TaTaTu and AMBI media founded by Andrea Iervolino have previously come together to co-finance a biopic of legendary car maker Ferruccio Lamborghini starring Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin.
The CeraVe, AcneFree and Ambi product lines have annualized revenue of about $168 million.
Under this contest, some winners will stand a chance to get invites to a house party hosted by Boman where he will demonstrate how Ambi Pur eliminates the household odours brought in by winners.
Ambi Pictures will oversee worldwide distribution for Beyond the Sun through its Los Angeles-based international sales division.
The QD Ambi Sling Mount replaces the factory index plate and enables you to run a single-point and/or two-point sling.
El AMBI evalua la respuesta de la macrofauna de fondos blandos a cambios naturales y provocados por el hombre en la calidad del agua y sedimento (Borja et al., 2000; Borja & Muxika, 2005).
PS15.79, AMBI TOYS ACTIVITY CASE THIS colourful activity centre has six activities for little hands to explore.
Delhi, India, September 01, 2012 --(, India's leading E-commerce portal for the Automotive Industry announces the launch of Ambi Pur Car freshener combos for online retail in India.
to He discovers that Camera is now a mother herself, with a seven-year-old daughter Ambi, and also has a niece, who is disabled.