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(ā`mən, ä`–),


(ă`mən), or


(ä`mĕn), Egyptian deity. He was originally the chief god of Thebes; he and his wife Mut and their son Khensu were the divine Theban triad of deities. Amon grew increasingly important in Egypt, and eventually he (identified as Amon Ra; see RaRa
or Re
, in Egyptian religion, sun god, one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. Ra was chief of the cosmic deities and was sometimes called the creator and father of all things.
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) became the supreme deity. He was identified with the Greek Zeus (the Roman Jupiter). Amon's most celebrated shrine was at Siwa in the Libyan desert; the oracle of Siwa later rivaled those of Delphi and Dodona. He is frequently represented as a ram or as a human with a ram's head.


(ā`mŏn) [Heb.,=trustworthy]. 1 King of Judah (642–640 B.C.), son and successor of Manasseh. According to ChroniclesChronicles,
two books of the Bible, originally a single work in the Hebrew canon (the final book of that canon), called First and Second Chronicles in the Authorized Version, and called First and Second Paralipomenon in the Septuagint and in the Vulgate.
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, he was inattentive to the worship of God, and the accounts accordingly denounce him strongly. However, his worship of other gods indicates that he, like his father, was an Assyrian vassal. Amon was murdered, and Josiah succeeded him. 2 In the Bible, Ahab's governor of Samaria.
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He nearly won a fair few, but always it seemed that his luck would run out before he saw the chequered flag," Dennis recalled, terming Amon as "one of the fastest racing drivers".
In deriving the above equation, Amon and Denson [11] have made the following assumptions:
Based on the findings of her study, Amon also advised apartment marketers to put special emphasis on certain amenities.
Amon got the audience dancing to most of her numbers including her rendition of Katy Perry hits and wowed them with her soulful performance of Australian recording artist Sia's hit song 'Chandelier'.
I am excited for this opportunity to bring the power of Zen wisdom to a global audience,” said Zen Master Nissim Amon.
Cantos para su dios, del Superintendente de los Escribas de Amon Didia, hijo del Superintendente de los Escribas de Amon Hatiay, verdadero de voz.
beaucoup moins que]Ny Pastet[beaucoup plus grand que] fut la chanteuse du dieu Amon Ra et son tombeau remonte a l'ere de la 22eme dynastie (945-712 av J.
The woman, Nehmes Bastet, was a singer for the supreme deity Amon Ra during the Twenty-Second Dynasty (945-712 BC), according to an inscription on a wooden plaque found in the tomb.
As the cells get older, they acquire clumps of proteins and extra pieces of DNA, but when Angelika Amon at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and colleagues tracked spores from old and young yeast cells they found that such abnormalities disappeared, meaning all spores had the same lifespan.
The long-term health impact of lead exposure in terms of physical disabilities, in terms of intellectual cognitive delays and disabilities is a huge problem,'' the group's health and human rights division director Joseph Amon said.
When British Egyptologist Howard Carter, who was excavating in Egypt on behalf of his patron Lord Caernarfon, opened the tomb of Tut Ankh Amon in 1922, he revealed the beginnings of a mystery that has not been totally solved until today.