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Along with mpl, the intrinsic parallel languages for MasPar's computers. AMPL and mpl are parallel variants of C. Ampl is actually now a gcc port.

["AMPL: Design, Implementation and Evaluation of a Multiprocessing Language", R. Dannenberg, CMU 1981].

["Loglan Implementation of the AMPL Message Passing System", J. Milewski SIGPLAN Notices 19(9):21-29 (Sept 1984)].

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Payment of this tranche was triggered by completion of a definitive feasibility study (DFS) for Abra with Toho now holding 13.33% of AMPL and Galena the remainder.
Contactee par Al Bayane, une source au sein de l'AMPL affirme que tous les pilotes ont repris le travail juste apres la signature de la convention, mettant ainsi fin a la vague d'annulations de vol qui a touche la compagnie depuis le debut de l'ete.
I am not a 'Mohajir' nor belong to MQM but I am a Pakistani first , said AMPL Chief and former Chief of Army Staff General (R) Pervez Musharraf's while addressing party gathering.
La validez de los resultados del modelo AMPL se corroboro mediante simulaciones en DigSilent Power Factory [16], incluyendo el hecho de que la instalacion de un dispositivo Facts identifcado por el modelo, evita una inestabilidad oscilatoria de tension en la Costa Atlantica para 2018.
Truncated Square Max flat Max ampl. XCORR 0.9955 0.9561 0.9737 0.9842 R2 0.9903 0.9071 0.9383 0.9637 MSE 0.0089 0.0858 0.0570 0.0336
After Khawaja Izhar Dubai meeting, the party issued a statement downplaying both the meeting and state of Kasuri, calling Plus One Formula wishful thinking of the AMPL leader.
[Universal] [C.sub.i] refers to the new virtual coordinates of sensor nodes that is going to be used as input for our new model which consists on developing a non linear optimization problem and resolves it using Knitro Solver[13] coupled with ampl programming language[14], the optimization model is depicted as follows:
Islamabad -- All Pakistan Muslim League (AMPL) Secretary General Dr.
ISLAMABAD -- All Pakistan Muslim League (AMPL) Secretary General Dr Mohammad Amjad here Wednesday said that the order of Special Court against APML Chairman General (retd) Pervez Musharraf does not correspond to the criteria of justice and we will impugn this order before in superior court.
Site Latency ms Peak Ampl [micro]V R MEDIAN--Digit II Wrist II 2.40 5.8 R SURAL--Lat Malleolus Calf Lat Malleolus 2.95 4.5 Nerve/Sites Motor Latency Ampl Distance ms mV cm R MEDIAN--APB Wrist 3.70 11.4 6.5 Elbow 8.60 10.0 25 R COMM PERONEAL--EDB Ankle 5.05 0.7 8 Fib Head 15.60 0.6 33 R TIBIAL (KNEE)--AH Ankle 4.65 7.0 9 Knee 17.80 4.5 44.5 Nerve Min F Lat ms R TIBIAL (KNEE)--AH 74.5 Nerve/Sites Sensory Distance cm Velocity m/s R MEDIAN--Digit II Wrist 12 50.0 R SURAL--Lat Malleolus Calf 11 37.3 Nerve/Sites Motor Velocity m/s R MEDIAN--APB Wrist Elbow 51.0 R COMM PERONEAL--EDB Ankle Fib Head 31.3 R TIBIAL (KNEE)--AH Ankle Knee 33.8 Nerve R TIBIAL (KNEE)--AH
San Diego, CA, March 22, 2015 --( AMPL Labs, a tech startup dedicated to empowering consumers with innovative solutions that make mobile life easier, announces the close of its Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for its first product, the AMPL SmartBackpack.