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Intel's branding for a collection of advances in its x86 CPU chips and chipsets, which include hardware virtualization, hyperthreading and real-time speed enhancements (see VT, hyperthreading and Turbo Boost). Introduced with the Core 2 Duo CPU and chipset in late 2006, vPro initially featured Intel's Active Management Technology (AMT).

Active Management Technology (AMT)
AMT is hardware-based remote systems management, which was the original. Using a third-party management console such as OpenView or LANdesk, system administrators can wake up, inventory, diagnose, repair and push security updates and patches to all vPro systems in the network.

The AMT chipset provides an out-of-band communications channel that works no matter what functioning or non-functioning state the OS is in. It provides a non-volatile memory for critical system data that cannot be compromised, and it has the ability to isolate a PC from the network if threatened or infected. See x86 chip platform and Intel Core.

vPro Branding
Intel has promoted vPro whenever possible as in this label on a Lenovo laptop.
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The AMT was created to ensure that all taxpayers pay a minimum tax because there was a growing trend in which some high-income taxpayers were able to significantly reduce or eliminate their regular tax by taking advantage of the tax laws, which give special treatment to certain types of income and allow special deductions for certain expenses.
But he found so many shelters and loopholes that absent the AMT, his bill would have amounted to only 11 percent of his income.
Those extra tax benefits are one reason more middle-income families have a higher chance of owing the AMT this year.
AMT was founded in 1998 at the initiative of researchers from the University of Amsterdam at the Academic Medical Center (AMC), one of the largest academic hospitals in the world.
AMT is the world's only manufacturer of both proprietary touch panels and proprietary touch controller hardware, firmware, and software.
Please make your hotel reservations for the AMT convention as soon as possible in order to ensure that you will receive the AMT discounted rate.
Retaining the corporate AMT under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act would only add to the administrative burden, complexity, and cost that corporate taxpayers endure under current law.
The Stgw 57 was the Swiss battle rifle in 7.5x55mm upon which the AMT was based.
Taxpayers with business income frequently have AMT adjustments related to depreciation or depletion deductions, gains or losses on the sale of business assets, and installment gains.
Congress was forced to "patch" the AMT by raising the exemption amount to prevent middle-class taxpayers from being hit by the tax.
That's a compound annual growth rate of more than 60 percent, most of which will come from AMT, he added.