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According to AmTRAN, influenced by confusing and fluctuating retail prices, competition in the fourth quarter is fierce.
Wu, general manager of AmTRAN, pointed out that despite increasing panel price from the third quarter, LCD (liquid crystal display) TV market in the fourth quarter remains uncertain due to chaotic prices and promotions.
Two years later, in 1983, the Harmon brothers bought controlling interest of AmTran.
The airline presented the proposal to alter the name at its annual shareholder meeting, citing public confusion over Amtran's name and that of AirTran Airways.
The moves were announced on Wednesday (10 October) at the annual shareholders meeting of ATA parent company, Amtran Inc, and come three weeks after the carrier said that it would be laying off 1,500 employees and reducing its flight schedule by 20%.
Taipei, Aug, 16 2012 (CENS) -- AmTRAN Technology, Co.
Before the layoff, which was announced in late August, AmTran often reduced the work week from five days to four and even took a "down week" while production was put on hold, during which employees were not paid.
ATA Connection is a subsidiary of Amtran Inc, the parent company of American Trans Air Inc.
Among Taiwanese makers, Compal Electronics Inc., Amtran Technology Co., Ltd., Wistron Corp.
President and CEO Bob Whitehouse said in a news release that the potential layoffs would be the first major job reductions since 1995 when AmTran became a wholly owned subsidiary of Navistar International Corp.
Amtran, parent company of American Trans Air, says high fuel costs are to blame for its Q1 net loss of USD2m.