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Standards defining the structure, format, and content of business transactions conducted through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). ANSI X12 is produced by the committee ASC X12, supported by the Data Interchange Standards Association, Inc. (DISA).

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Also known as "ANSI X12" and "ASC X12," it is a protocol from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for electronic data interchange (EDI). X12 was the primary North American standard for defining EDI transactions. It merged with EDIFACT in 1997. See EDI.
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Encoda BackOfficeTM piggybacks onto a medical group's billing system, protecting their investment in existing software while conferring them all its patented functionality, which includes transacting directly with payers and responding programmatically to thousands of HIPAA-mandated ANSI X12 codes.
By integrating with B2BGateway's cloud based EDI solution the QuickBooks Online user can be compliant in all internationally recognized EDI standards and communication protocols such ANSI X12, EDIFACT, Tradacoms, PEPPOL, VAN, AS2, etc.
The health insurance world is facing a 1-2-3 punch with ANSI x12 5010 transaction requirements, ICD-10 data-set mandates and omnibus healthcare reforms--all to be met over the next five years.
As a result, a universal public EDI standard was developed called ANSI X12 in 1984 (Weisman, 2000).
GIS receives a technical EDI acknowledgement from the pipeline, making sure that the nomination was technically correct per ANSI X12 standards.
CAV II currently provides contractors much the same capability of sending repair status directly from their internal systems to CAV through the CAV EDI program, which utilizes the EDI ANSI X12 language set.
It uses standard ANSI X12 839 or XML transfer files to import and export data to other program management software.
All EDI transactions adhere to the national standard format, ANSI X12.
In either case, edits and validations occur before the file is translated to ANSI X12 format and forwarded through the DoD information processing infrastructure to the payment system.
The key benefit of XML is that it provides a standard, just like ANSI X12 EDI (electronic data interchange) standards did.
ANSI X12 is a primarily North American group that consists of volunteers from many industry sectors working to develop standards for various transactions, including personal, commercial, life and health insurance activities.
STC says it expects the instances of Corba among its customer base to rise gradually, but says it comes across just as many requests to support other 'standard' connections including ANSI X12 and UN/Edifact.