ANSI Z39.50

ANSI Z39.50

(networking, standard)
Information Retrieval Service Definition and Protocol Specification for Library Applications, officially known as ANSI/NISO Z39.50-1992, and ANSI/NISO Z39.50-1995. This standard, used by WAIS, specifies an OSI application layer service to allow an application on one computer to query a database on another.

Z39.50 is used in libraries and for searching some databases on the Internet. The US Library of Congress is the official maintanence agency for Z39.50.

Index Data, a Danish company, have released a lot of Z39.50 code. Their website explains the relevant ISO standards and how they are amicably converging in Z39.50 version 4.0.


Z39.50 resources.
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Via this gateway (ANSI Z39.50 protocol), STN users will be able to search the WorldCat database using the familiar STN retrieval language, Messenger.
The latest development is the command language search mode that can accept the command syntax of MEDLARS, BRS/DATASTAR, and the Common Command Language (ANSI Z39.50).