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The APAs pertain to various sectors and sub-sectors of the economy like information technology, banking, semiconductor, power, pharmaceutical, hydrocarbon, publishing, and automobiles.
The APA, based in Lake Saint Louis, Mo., sanctions the world's largest amateur pool league, known as the APA Pool League throughout the United States and as the Canadian Pool League in Canada.
Both the sides have agreed that Asian Parliamentary Assembly (APA) would be transformed into a well-structured and vibrant regional parliamentary forum to steer the collective agenda of Asian development and prosperity.
He also asked Ms Erdogan about Turkey's view on future course of action regarding APA reformation, especially annual contribution by member states, opening of bank account in Istanbul for this purpose and rotation of APA Secretariat.
He appealed to the Lagos State government to release the acquired plots belonging to Apa Kingdom for the needed infrastructural and physical development of Apa Kingdom.
As one example, Teo (2015) and Morse and Blume (2015) argue APA's ethical code should be further refined in order to reflect greater ethnic sensitivity in professional practice.
Those who finish within the top eight at the Olympic Games are given up to PS21,500 in APAs - but Paralympians must win silver Some 100 rowers are of or bronze to get the same.
Apa ran a restaurant in Clifton which is always full of various artists, fans and food lovers due to their adoration for her as a chef and showbiz personality.
We anticipated that APA shifts the balance between substrates and degraded peptides via enzymatic activity to regulate cardiovascular control.
APA told on the occasion that strict punishment will be given to those who were involved in this and no one will spare in it.
Microscopically, the first lesion exhibited serous carcinoma located adjacent to APA [Figure 2]a.
Sydney: Moody's Investors Service says that the Baa2 ratings and outlook of APT Pipelines Ltd - the financing vehicle of the Australian Stock Exchange-listed gas infrastructure entity, APA Group (unrated) -- is unaffected following APA's announcement of an unconditional off-market takeover offer (Offer) for Ethane Pipeline Income Fund (EPX).