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Thanks also to the many people who influenced this essay during its long development: Imre Szeman, for his early encouragement and his thoughts on vision; Rachel Adams, for her ideas on collection and her patience; Mike Epp, for his research on postal law and his work on minstrelsy and caricature; Pauline Wakeham, for her analyses of recontextualization and redress; Teresa Zackodnik, for her observations about lynching, antilynching, and their critical legacies; Heather Zwicker, for her comments on violence and representation; Dora Apal, for her generosity to a stranger; Marcie Whitecotton-Carroll, for her help with the images; and especially Leslea Kroll, for her insight and conviction.
During the quarter, we completed the roll-out of our proprietary POS and electronic parts catalog system, which we refer to as APAL, ahead of schedule and it's already contributing to our results," he added.
APAL of mine had a problem because his mother told him he wasn't getting any younger and had to find a girlfriend.
dagger]) Pasteurellaceae cluster assignments based on apal pulsed-field gel electrophoresis profiles with Dice coefficients clustered by unpaired pair group method with arithmetic means (threshold, 90% identity).
Apal introducedher tothemanwho wouldhelpherbecomeasuperstar- hereventualEurythmicspartner, DaveStewart.
Apal said: "They're so in love and they see a tattoo as something which can never be removed - unlike a ring.
Olmstead, "The Calculated Frightfulness of Ashur Nasir Apal," JAOS 38 [1918]: 209-63).
The Coalition Government will continue to work with APAL and other industry bodies to grow exports, put more Victorian food on Asian tables and drive Victoria s long term economic growth.
Apal said: "He feels that's she is trying to win back the public's affections after a series of PR disasters and she will talk about their kids and their relationship to the entirenation.
Apal said: "They thought stopping work was a good way to celebrate.
APAL says the Scottish primrose is purple, but I think it's yellow.
APAM"), a wholly owned subsidiary of APAL that specializes in the management and claims administration of professional liability insurance for anesthesiologists.