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([dagger]) Pasteurellaceae cluster assignments based on apal pulsed-field gel electrophoresis profiles with Dice coefficients clustered by unpaired pair group method with arithmetic means (threshold, 90% identity).
The meeting is part of the project "Addressing Climate Change Vulnerabilities and Risks in Vulnerable Coastal Areas of Tunisia," implemented by Coastal Protection and Planning Agency (APAL), in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
(TAP) - The National Council of Protected Marine and Coastal Areas met in Tunis on Monday to launch the process of establishing four protected marine areas on 12 areas proposed by the Coastal Development and Protection Agency (APAL).
Isolates with indistinguishable Apal and Ascl DNA macrorestriction profiles, first based on visual comparison of banding patterns (since 2006 by using BioNumerics 4.5 software [Applied Maths Saint-Martens-Latem, Belgium]), were considered to be the same pulsovar.
Apal said: "She's just glad to be away from what's been going on in Grove Park.
(TAP) - Tunisia's marine and coastal protected areas network will help preserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable management of marine resources in northern Tunisia, said Tuesday Director of the Coastal Protection and Development Agency (APAL) Saba Guellouz.
The same source specified that researches conducted by the services of the National Coastal Protection Agency (French: APAL) reveal that the accident consists in infiltration of nearly 10 cubic meters of fuel from the cement plan, through the rainwater channels leading to the sea.