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Apal polymorphism in insulin-like growth factor II (IGF2) gene and weight in middle-aged males.
During the 2010 elections, Agum ken Apal became the campaign slogan of Valera's enemies.
Nomads | celebrate after Apal Ukuno scores his side's opening goal in their 4-3 win away to Prestatyn on Friday night
Born in Liverpool, but passionate about his Scottish upbringing, Heggarty was honoured in the latest APAL (Accreditation for Professional Achievement & Learning) awards which has seen him attain the PGA's highest membership category in recognition of his long standing in the game including becoming head pro at Hoylake aged just 23.
En sik VDR polimorfizmleri Bsml, Apal ve Taql gibi restriksiyon fragmanlarinda gorulur (46).
financiero es un grupo de ratios financieros (ROA, ROS y FCF), lnTam es una variable de control que representa el tamano de la empresa, Apal es una variable de control que representa el grado de apalancamiento de la empresa, y OE es el constructo utilizado como variable independiente, que asume valores entre 1 y 7.
5) A recent study examined two VDR polymorphisms, Apal and Tag l in AD patients and cognitively screened elderly controls.
11) [85], the VDR is known to have various genetic polymorphisms including Bsm1, Fok1, Apal, Taq1, which have been associated with various functional outcomes [60,69,70,86].
Association between VDR Apal polymorphism and hip bone mineral density can be modified by body mass index: A study on postmenopausal Chinese women.
2-) Carta de Andres Lamas a Norberto Costa, 25 de abril de 1888, APAL, AGN, EAMHN, C 149, c 8.
Two haplotypes were observed after ApaL I digestion: a common haplotype seen in all samples and a less common haplotype not found in the Florida samples (data not shown).
Ashur bani apal has, as part of this network, acquired a fresh relationship to my wife's comment about coffee.