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The USDA states that "The mission of the Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory (APDL) is to reduce parasitic disease in livestock and poultry pathogens and their risk of transmission to people."
Automated calculation is ensured by a script written in ANSYS APDL software which can be executed by opening the script with the appropriate parameters for the process being modelled.
The system volume meshing, definitions of the physical and mechanical properties and boundary conditions, solution, and visualization of the results were performed using the Ansys Mechanical APDL software (version 14.5).
Caption: FIGURE 8: Extended tube model curve fit of NR/30 phr MWCNT composite, done in ANSYS 18.0 APDL.
Therefore, to determine the thermal behavior of the pin-on-disc friction system in different rotation directions, in relation to the pin locations, and further study the influence of this parameter on the tribological properties of the pit textured surfaces, the following work was undertaken through the APDL programming.
Then, the wind-induced structural responses are explored by the extracted wind pressures acting on the structures using APDL and time-domain analysis method cooperatively [24].
An ad hoc APDL (ANSYS Parametric Design Language) routine was developed to set the different bone-implant osseointegration.
The finite element modal is exported to ANSYS mechanical APDL for the modal analysis (Figure 2).
CPD certicate 38% CPT1 APDL certicate 5.6% Master's degree 7.4% PhD 0.9% None 53.7% Note: Table made from pie chart.
ANSYS 15.0 is used for FEA (APDL) and CFD (FLUENT) modeling, and their coupled analysis for the wing.