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Most of them were hired in 2013, the last time APERS issued a request for qualifications for outside legal counsel for securities litigation, class-action monitoring and advice.
NPDC staff, members of the autism training team, or both observe the program sites, complete the APERS, and plan with program staff the steps for improving quality (if necessary).
Meanwhile, Jeffrey Hastie, vice president for Services & Technology, is keeping a post-move eye on computers and other equipment APers need to do their work.
What are your primary responsibilities at APERS? I love this job because no day is the same as the previous one.
Beyond stocks and bonds, APERS invests in "diversified strategies," which include a hedge fund of funds and holdings in stocks, bonds and cash throughout the world, and real assets, which include commodities and real estate.
The Apers, Zatopeks, Random Heroes and Johnny Action Finger bring killer punk to the venue on Sunday and on Tuesday it's The Trend, Wired, Charlie Can't Surf and Misterlee.
Pulaski County Circuit Judge Tim Fox ruled Tuesday that National Timber Partners LLC of Williamstown, Mass., breached its contract with the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System and ordered the company to pay APERS $16.5 million.
As of June 30, APERS' unfunded liability--which can only be estimated--was $1.895 billion, which was up from $1.5 billion a year earlier.
The directors of the two major pension funds in the state, the Arkansas Teacher Retirement System and APERS, say their pension funds are sound.
However, under APERS, employees have to contribute to the system, Roark said.