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Among the proposed changes was an effort to let writers know why arbiters decided as they did.
Another method permits each party to the dispute to select one member of a three arbiter panel, with the arbiters then selecting the third member.
Asked how to reconcile conflicting versions of the events, Panelo said: "There is one arbiter or judge that will determine who is telling the truth."
"Kensington Palace 6 we are talking about Kensington Palace because they are used to dealing with these things, as are Buckingham Palace 6 learned their bitter lesson when Prince George was born," Arbiter said on ( Yahoo's Royal Box .
Jonas Eriksson has been announced as the arbiter for the Wales versus Portugal semifinal in Lyon tomorrow, while Nicola Rizzoli has been given the gig between Germany and France in Marseille.
Princess Diana nearly told Prince Harry that George Michael was gay six years before he came out, former royal aide Dickie Arbiter has claimed in his upcoming book.
Summary: DUBAI - Eros Group has been voted a Superbrand for 2013 by the Superbrands Council UAE -- the world's largest independent brand arbiter.
Dickie Arbiter, a former press secretary to the Queen, said: "The Duke of Edinburgh''s health is actually pretty good, given that he is 90."
The arbiter of the 30-year public private partnership (PPP) to upgrade the Tube estimates improvements to the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines - maintained by private consortium Tube Lines - will cost up to pounds 5.5bn between 2010 and 2017.
WHAT would we do without Piers Morgan to act as the nation's moral arbiter?
Entry is pounds 3 and forms are available from Sean Marsh, British Chess Federation Arbiter, 13 Limpton Gate, Yarm, TS15 9JA.
He traces modern society's decline to its "cultural acceptance of contraception." "If man makes himself arbiter through contraception of whether life shall begin, he will predictably make himself arbiter of when it shall end." Hence society's embrace of abortion and soon, of euthanasia.