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Permanent fixation of a joint in a flexed position.
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a congenital disease manifested in flexure (contracture) of the joints of the extremities as a result of atrophy of the muscles and replacement of muscle fibers by fatty tissue. In arthrogryposis the upper extremities are pressed to the torso and the elbow joints are unbent; the wrists and fingers are bent and adducted, resembling the talons of a predatory bird. The lower extremities are bent and abducted at the hip joints and unbent at the knees. The feet are deformed (clubfoot). The treatment is orthopedic—corrective splints, operations, and exercises. The earlier the treatment, the better the results.


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Based on these clinical and laboratory findings, ARC syndrome was considered.
Doctors in Edinburgh had heard about ARC syndrome. Emma said: "The amazing thing was that the geneticist who worked in the hospital and two other doctors had been at a conference just weeks before, where the professor, who had isolated the ARC gene only six months previously, was talking about his research.
ARC syndrome sufferers are born with impaired kidney and liver function, bleeding problems and weak muscles.