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, in Greek mythology, an attendant of Artemis. Because she forsook her chastity and bore a son, Arcas, to Zeus, she was transformed into a bear by Artemis. According to another legend she was changed into a bear by the jealous Hera.
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Indeed Arca may well have joined United instead of Sunderland on his introduction to English football.
"Evidently as a consequence of that match he had people watch me in Buenos Aires and completed a deal (worth PS3.5m) before we played in the World Cup finals," said Arca.
More recently FAYNEL (2001), presented his observations of five years in Theclinae of French Guiana, recording Arcas imperialis nectaring on plants such Emmotum fagifolium Desv.
Constantino (in VALENCIA et al., 2005) recorded Rollinia muscosa as a larval host food plant of Arcas imperialis in the Valle del Cauca.
The report also stated, 'The ultimate escape of ARCAS personnel from any form of sanction or possible prosecution for their actions clearly sends the wrong message to the aviation industry.'
In an era of Venetian domination, the elite Paduans elected to serve on the Arca in particular could well have sought to use the new high altar in part as a general reminder for themselves and their political masters of the strength and wealth of the local economy, which was based on land ownership, trade, and the wool industry.(43) Such an interpretation would seem to be reinforced by the fact that many of the upper-class families whose chapels surrounded the choir and whose members served on the Arca that supervised the high altar project were also repeatedly involved in anti-Venetian plots.
The presence and potency of Saint Anthony's remains would have reassured the Conventual friars that it was their branch that represented the true, direct, and unbroken line of descent from Saint Francis himself, a righteous attitude reinforced visually on a daily basis by seeing the miracles illustrated in Donatello's reliefs as well as by witnessing new miracles apparently taking place at the arca in the Santo.(87) The Observants might have tried to claim that they were returning to the original spirit of Saint Francis's Rule, but the Santo Conventuals had concrete, visible reminders of their privileged position within the order thanks to the permanent presence of Saint Anthony's miraculous body and Donatello's absorbingly-detailed narrative reliefs.
Makati Development Corporation headquarters in ARCA South
Construction company Makati Development Corporation has also moved its headquarters to a 10,000 sqm office space in Arca South.
Arca Combo is a large, foldable container specifically designed for the bulk storage and transportation of liquid concentrates.