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Eager to let Ariadne know of his success, he followed the guidance of the thread, and soon found himself at the entrance of the labyrinth.
"Thou hast slain the monster," cried Ariadne, clasping her hands.
"Thanks to thee, dear Ariadne," answered Theseus, "I return victorious."
"Then," said Ariadne, "we must quickly summon thy friends, and get them and thyself on board the vessel before dawn.
Hastening down to the vessel, they all clambered on board, except Prince Theseus, who lingered behind them on the strand, holding Ariadne's hand clasped in his own.
Now, some low-minded people, who pretend to tell the story of Theseus and Ariadne, have the face to say that this royal and honorable maiden did really flee away, under cover of the night, with the young stranger whose life she had preserved.
Nothing remained for him, therefore, but to bid Ariadne an affectionate farewell, and to go on board the vessel, and set sail.
This confirms earlier reports that Greece was going on its own to build this sector of the cable as a 'national' project and at a higher cost to Greek consumers and taxpayers, parallel to the EuroAsia Interconnector cross-border link that enjoys EU support, will cost less and will be ready at least six months ahead of Ariadne.
And then we come to Zerbinetta, soubrette leader of the Commedia players, masterminding their improvisations whilst giving the suffering Ariadne her pragmatic philosophy on life and men.
Ariadne helped Theseus escape from the labyrinth by betraying her
Theseus, a culture hero, is perpetually on the move; Ariadne, the object of his desire, is always contained.