ARM chips

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ARM chips

The most widely used microprocessors worldwide. Designed by ARM Holdings plc, Cambridge, England (, the company was founded as Advanced RISC Machines in 1990 by Acorn Computers, Apple and VLSI Technology. In 2016, ARM was acquired by Japan-based Softbank.

ARM chips are 32-bit and 64-bit RISC-based CPUs that are known for their low cost and low power requirements (see RISC). Manufactured under license from ARM by more than a dozen semiconductor companies, billions of ARM-based devices are made every year, including smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-book readers, netbooks, TVs and myriad other consumer and industrial products.

Quite often, an ARM CPU is the processor in a system-on-chip (see SoC). For example, Qualcomm's Snapdragon and NVIDIA's Tegra are ARM-based smartphone and tablet SoCs.

Cortex, SecurCore and StrongARM
ARM processor families are designated by the prefix "ARM" and a digit, such as ARM7, ARM9 and ARM11 or with names such as Cortex and SecurCore, the latter used for secure identification products such as smart cards.

The StrongARM was a high-speed version of the ARM chip that was jointly developed with Digital Equipment Corporation. The SA-100, the first StrongARM chip, was delivered in 1995, and Intel acquired the technology from Digital in 1997. See StrongARM, Thumb and big.LITTLE.
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Today, about 3 billion smartphones use ARM chips, and another 1.5 billion will be sold in 2016, the company said.
Additionally, the report also claimed that Apple has created a 13-inch MacBook running on 64-bit quad-core ARM chips. Apple previously made a similar switch.
Many Windows 8 tablets running x86 chips are just starting to hit the market, while some tablets running Windows RT — the Windows 8 version for ARM chips — didn't get the type of distribution "that would have been ideal," she said.
Mini-laptops based on Arm chips are set to make their way to users, which could heat up the battle in a space dominated by netbooks with Intel's Atom chips.
As you probably know, ARM chips are based on "reduced instruction set computing" or "RISC".
The AMD Opteron A1100 series -- targeted at servers -- can integrate 8 processor cores and will be one of the first ARM chips to be 64-bit.
The first wave of devices are said to run on Tizen 2.2.1, as the firm is working on the 3.0 version for Q3 2014, which could include multi-user accounts, 64-bit architecture for Intel and ARM chips, a new 3D graphics rendering engine and much more, ( reports Pocket-Lint.
Shane Rau, an analyst at IDC, said he expects ARM chips to gain about 2% of the x86 server processor market in 2015, or about a half-million CPUs.
Many vendors, including Qualcomm and Freescale, are providing Arm chips for smartbooks that could hit shelves by the end of this year.<p>Smartbooks with Arm chips have inherent advantages over x86 chips like Atom, such as lower power consumption and longer battery life, Finch said.
The majority of Android devices are powered by ARM chips. Like many C++ developers, I was only targeting ARM architectures (armv5 and armv7).
Ahead of the Surface tablets launch, Terry Myerson, Microsoft executive vice president in charge of the company's operating systems, said that customers could expect many more Windows RT tablets in the future, specifically using ARM chips.
Current ARM chips with 32-bit addressing are not ready for servers, and issues relate to application compatibility and memory ceiling of 4GB.