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Maraming salamat sa ARMM government (I am a farmer since childhood and we have waited this for so long.
The peace settlement between the Philippine government and the Milf called for the inclusion of six more towns and 600 Filipino-Muslim dominated villages to be part of the ARMM, but the autonomous region will also acquire a new name, and enhanced self-governance.
Year-to-date, ARMM ranks in the top quartile of the Multi-alternative category and is outperforming the Barclays US Agg by 271 bps;
Let me check how much was given to ARMM," Lacierda said when asked to comment on Tiglao's column.
The governor thanked the Saudi government for the financial assistance and said it will help economic development in ARMM, especially in building proper infrastructure and boosting the agriculture sector.
The MILF claims the ARMM was not truly autonomous, rather, it was an extension of the central government, which did not address the Bangsamoro's cry for self-determination and self-rule.
Site selection for the succeeding projects for housing and day care centers are still ongoing in Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Marawi Sity, Basilan, Tawi tawi and Sulu, in partnership with the ARMM local governments and other regional offices.
Sinarimbo said the Iranian envoy emphasized the importance of trading some of his country's oil supplies for bananas and other fruits from the ARMM in the face of the embargo imposed by the US.
Best practices that outline the tools, procedures and metrics for ensuring software quality form the basis of ARMM.
AVANTE congratulates the commissioners and staff of COMELEC for their successful implementation of the first automated ballot counting and consolidation, and the peaceful ARMM election.
Compact also reported that the high presence of police and military personnel in the areas observed, particularly in Masbate and ARMM, failed to address the climate of fear in the voting areas.
whose late father was an overseas foreign worker (OFW), said the amount will bankroll vital road projects in the south, particularly in the seat of the ARMM government.