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see yogayoga
[Skt.,=union], general term for spiritual disciplines in Hinduism, Buddhism, and throughout S Asia that are directed toward attaining higher consciousness and liberation from ignorance, suffering, and rebirth.
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In this series, I will go into depth about each group of asanas referring to the physical, emotional and mental benefits as well as its relation to our chakras.
Holding a pose or asana for a while means dealing with the relentless talking in your mind.
Hardy, in this book, marries the insights into yoga asana with insights into autism and its therapeutic angles, with an intersection at embodied emotionality.
Asana BioSciences LLC, an independent member of the Amneal Alliance of Companies, has acquired the early-stage branded pharmaceutical discovery platform of Endo Pharmaceuticals, a subsidiary of Endo International PLC.
Asana is an easy-to-use, web-based group-project manager that makes it easier for attorneys and paralegals to work together on a big case.
On the physical level yoga asana (any posture which is steady and comfortable) are designed to tone, strengthen and align the body.
We use a project management tool called Asana so that we know who should follow up on which items.
The duo recommended Podio and Asana for product management, Intuit's Weave to create simple to-do lists, Flipboard to customize Twitter offerings and especially Expensify.
6) Asana: Functioning as a shared to-do list for a company, Asana allows group members to monitor work as it is assigned or completed.
Invitations were sent to each student's e-mail account to have them join me in Cacoo, Asana, Edmodo, and Google Hangouts.
Asana is a shared task list for your team -to communicate, organise, and track your work.