ASCII file

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ASCII file

[¦as‚kē ¦fīl]
(computer science)
A data or text file that contains only codes that constitute the 128-character ASCII set.
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ASCII file

A file that contains data made up of ASCII characters. It is essentially raw text just like the words you are reading now. Each byte in the file contains one character that conforms to the standard ASCII code (see ASCII chart). Program source code, batch files, macros and scripts are straight text and stored as ASCII files. HTML and XML files are also ASCII files. Text editors such as Notepad create ASCII files as their native file format.

The Common Denominator
ASCII text files become a common denominator between applications that do not import each other's formats. If both applications can import and export ASCII files, you can transfer your files between them. Almost all word processors import and export ASCII files as well as many database and spreadsheet programs. A common ASCII format separates fields with commas (see CSV).

Text Is Still ASCII
In files using proprietary formats for word processing, spreadsheets, databases and other applications, there are binary codes in the header and interspersed throughout the file that describe the file structure. However, the actual text in the file (names, addresses, sentences, etc.) is still ASCII.

The terms "ASCII file," "ASCII text file," "text file" and "TXT file" are synonymous. Contrast with binary file.

OCR Creates ASCII Text
When text documents are scanned, they are "photographed" and stored as pictures in the computer. OCR software analyzes the symbols in the image and converts each letter and digit into an ASCII character.
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An ASCII file is produced that includes all of the required parameters.
It is estimated that about 95 percent of existing texts are plain text files--that is, ASCII files which are not indexed for any specific software.
Additionally, the software recognizes a user-generated ASCII file format for input of data, where only a one-word descriptor (i.e., #vector or #scalar) is required at the beginning of each data set to identify the type of data and represent it.
When saved the ASCII file must have a file extension of ".rsm" or ".txt".
Resulting data is compatible with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, or can be exported as an ASCII file.
If the data logger software cannot export an ASCII file, users can lose a great deal of flexibility in interpretation and report presentation.
With its built-in RS232 serial port, the Wizard can be linked to a PC to dump data into an ASCII file or a PLC system.
The resulting PC ASCII file was then ported to DBASE IV (Borland, Scotts Valley, CA).
Like an SGML text file, a DTD is also an ASCII file. The SGML tags within your document must correspond to those contained in the DTD you are using.
If the original printed text is clear and crisp, and printed in a standard font, then the resulting ASCII file will probably be quite accurate with only a few errors.
These configuration files are generally changed through an installation program, but many of them also allow you to make changes "manually" by opening the file as a nondocument or ASCII file, and then entering, or editing, the appropriate lines.