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A review of the incident confirmed that ASIS did not yet have adequate controls in place to provide assurance that a person with a blood alcohol content above zero would not be issued with or have carriage of a weapon," Thom underlined in the report.
The Conference will also include sessions for Chief Security Officers (CSOs) organised by the CSO Roundtable of ASIS International, and the PresidentEoACAOs reception.
Ochalek praised Steuer's leadership in the Society saying that his "confidence, poise, counsel, and deep-rooted support of ASIS has never faltered during the past 24 years.
The objective of ASIS MHP is to increase strategic decisionmaking capabilities by providing global visibility of the mission-capable status and condition of munitions across all levels of command.
html), ASIS was founded on March 13, 1937, as the American Documentation Institute (ADI), a service organization made up of individuals representing affiliated scientific and professional societies, foundations, and government agencies.
The ASIS Accolades competition is one of the various programs offered to exhibitors, which Celayix will use to gain wider exposure and generate more awareness about the benefits of its advanced scheduling and time and attendance solutions for the security industry.
The ASIS Review Committee screens submissions during a month-long review process.
Three ASIS members and two ISI representatives have been appointed to the jury.
ASIS has held discussions with Bob Stephan, assistant secretary for infrastructure protection at the U.