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The dog too went: the most noble-looking item in the beggarly assets.
It may be either an invaluable asset or a nuisance.
But my assets are very low: My little income's overspent: To trench on capital, you know, Is always inconvenient!'
What matter if it swallows all That you describe as your "assets"?
How D'Artagnan regulated the "Assets" of the Company before he established its "Liabilities"
It was when I would have said that I knew all Goldsmith; we often give ourselves credit for knowledge in this way without having any tangible assets; and my reading has always been very desultory.
The word formerly signified not indebtedness, but possession; it meant "own," and in the minds of debtors there is still a good deal of confusion between assets and liabilities.
Nor had she been ignorant of such assets as surprise and charm.
"Who would ever have sup- posed that I should live to list up assets of that sort.
(4) Such other factors as the Federal banking agencies may consider relevant to the quality of the asset.
The two companies will jointly market and sell e-business solutions that address Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), business needs on a global basis.
She also granted her husband, Joseph Woods, 73, power of attorney, allowing him to arrange and place all of her assets in his name.