ATC clears

“ATC clears”

An expression used to prefix an ATC (air traffic control) clearance when it is relayed to an aircraft by someone other than the air traffic controller who issued the clearance. The expression is also used in direct pilot/controller communications to differentiate a clearance from an instruction.
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Of course, when we're living right, the sun shines, the engines hum, ATC clears us direct to our destination on initial climb and the woman behind the FBO counter at our destination turns out to be the just-divorced head of our high school's cheerleading squad.
ATC clears you for the straight-in ILS approach as published.
If at 4000 feet in the hold and ATC clears you for the approach, a simple statement that you could get to 2700 feet by WOKPU and continue straight in might get you an amended clearance, or at least a clarification.
When ATC clears you for an approach, you're automatically authorized to execute the missed approach procedure without further clearance (unless it's a practice approach conducted under VFR).
A typical scenario is where ATC clears you to a lower altitude than you would prefer, or conversely, keeps you higher than you need for a comfortable descent.
When ATC clears you for a cruise clearance, jot the altitude down just like any other clearance.