ATC services

air traffic control services

A service provided to prevent collisions between aircraft and, on the maneuvering area, between aircraft and obstructions. This service also expedites and maintains an orderly flow of air traffic. Also called ATC services.
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Controllers providing terminal ATC services have worked outside at a folding table using military radios to handle about 160 flights per day, FAA said.
Having the same plane pay three different amounts for identical ATC services is the status quo the business aviation trade associations are defending.
According to IATA, the choice of the Airline Group 'should provide assurance to the travelling public that ATC [air traffic control] capacity will grow safely and efficiently in line with the demand.' IATA says that the 'not-for-commercial return' nature of the Airline Group's bid means that 'efficiency savings can be applied to service improvements' and that it also 'puts less pressure on the charges paid by the airlines for the use of the UK's ATC services.'
Flight following, like all ATC services, is designed to increase safety.
There are a number of resources available for pilots who think they don't know how to use ATC services like VFR flight following.
NATS provides en route and oceanic air traffic services in the UK and ATC services at 14 airports, including; Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester and Glasgow.
"The proposed elimination of the $25 fee undermines the critical importance of transitioning to a funding mechanism that fairly charges all system users for the ATC services they consume," the Air Transport Association said in a statement.
Indonesian Minister of Industry and Trade Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan told the Antara News Agency that the takeover will give the government the opportunity to prove that Indonesia posses the expertise and technology necessary to provide ATC services, and it will also allow enhanced control and monitoring of national airspace.
If you want ATC services going into an area like that, as I generally do, getting into the system early and ensuring everyone is on the same page can be difficult if you're a pop-up VFR flight.
National Air Traffic Services (NATS) provides en-route and oceanic air traffic services in the UK and ATC services at 16 airports, including; Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Glasgow and Gibraltar.