ATC unit

air traffic control unit

A generic term meaning variously, area control center, approach control office, or aerodrome control tower. As the circumstances require, an ATC (air traffic control) unit may be (i) an area control center (ACC) established to provide ATC services to IFR (instrument flight rules) and VFR (visual flight rules) aircraft; (ii) a terminal control unit established to provide ATC services to IFR and VFR aircraft arriving at, or departing from, one or more airports; or (iii) an airport control tower unit established to provide ATC services to airport traffic. Also called an ATC unit.
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In 1997, the National Civil Aviation Review Commission (better known as the Mineta Commission) released a detailed report on reducing gridlock in the skies, which called for a separate ATC unit within the government.
RAF Leeming won the trophy for the best ATC unit in Britain and Camp Bastion for 2011 which was proudly on display.
Trainees are paid while they are at college before spending a 12 to 24-month validation period at their assigned ATC unit.
Each working unit is standard with a dynamic 12-tool ATC unit, 12-spindle drilling unit and 40-hp liquid ring vacuum pump.
Each Aerodrome Operations Unit and ATC Unit at all International Airports within the UAE was presented a one day workshop to demonstrate the newly introduced system for reporting operational safety incidents, known as the ROSI, and to reaffirm operational units' responsibilities in alerting and responding to civil aviation emergencies.
Each working unit is standard with a dynamic 12-tool ATC unit and 12-spindle drilling unit.
The unique aspect of this particular campaign has been the large-scale simultaneous effort across 15 ATC units, eight airlines and 23 airports to jointly deliver a step change in CDO performance.
"No contact had been established by any ATC units and thus the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCC was activated at 5:30 am," the report says without elaborating on the four-hour delay.